Robo-Erectus Kid size (REKs)

Robo-Erectus Kid size (REKs) version of humanoid robots are completely fabricated and developed at Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Control Centre (ARICC) of Singapore Polytechnic. REKs is an entertainment robot that can be programmed to do stationary movements like dancing. REKs took part in Singapore Robotics Games (SRG) Competition in the year 2007 and won the Gold Award for the open category. It appeared in “Creatively Mind 2007” on Channel 8 of Mediacorp, showcasing the talents of our students abilities of REKs to millions of viewers.

REKs are currently in its early stages of development. It can only do stationary movements like dancing or aerobics. These movements are made possible by having a mechanical structure that consists of 17 Futaba servo motors. Another factor that contributes to its movements is the gait tuning software which it can be programmed to do any kind of movements. Its movements can also be written in a form of C programming and to be downloaded to the PIC18f8720 on the controller board of REKs.

REKs are studied for application in human robot interaction domain. Software and hardware architectures encompassing a range of sensors including Ultrasonic Sensor, Tilt Sensor, Compass sensor and ECG/EEG sensors are currently being developed. A separate group of researchers are working on implementing walking gaits for REKs.  REKs movements can be monitored wirelessly via Bluetooth.

REKs are productized for school children aged 12 years and above. This product allows children to even build their own REKs with the availability of the instruction manual in its package. They can programme it to do all sorts of actions that we have created for them all inside the manual. Sensors are also available for them to integrate it on REKs. So everyone can have fun with their very own robot in their home.


Physical Specifications of Robo-Erectus Kid size (REKs)





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