Robo-Erectus' RoboCup 2006 Report


Robo-Erectus (2 robots on right side) vs ToinPhoenix (2 vs 2)

Robo-Erectus during match


Student (Andy) and Robot in RoboCup 2006


It's World Cup season again and the soccer fever is currently sweeping the globe. This year, RoboCup 2006 was organized in parallel to World Cup in Bremen, Germany from 12 to 20 June 2006. ARICC Humanoid team Robo-Erectus and Small-size team Field Rangers  once again are carrying our hopes in the RoboCup this year.

Small-size League:During quarter-finals, our team met the defending champion FU-Fighters (Champion in 2004 and 2005).  FU-Fighters is German's dream team to win the small size league for the host country this year. We put up a heroic fight and knocked out the German dream team FU-Fighters 3:2 to enter semi-finals. Unfortunately, we lost to 5DPO (Portugal) during semi-finals and lost to Plasma-Z (Thailand) 1:2 during final.

Humanoid League:  The competition in the humanoid league is very intense between the Japanese and German this year. We met both the Japanese Team Osaka and German NimbRo in our early matches this year.

In penalty kick competition, we beat BeDoBrothers (Germany) 1:0 and ToinPhoenix 3:0 (Japan). The German dream team, NimbRo, which eventually become this year's Humanoid Penalty Kick champion, has won every matches up until the final excepts with us, in which we tied with the full score of 5:5.


Robo-Erectus (kick) vs. NimbRo: Goal 1
Robo-Erectus (kick) vs. NimbRo: Goal 2
Robo-Erectus (kick) vs. NimbRo: Goal 3
Robo-Erectus (kick) vs. NimbRo: Goal 4
Robo-Erectus (kick) vs. NimbRo: Goal 5


In quarter-finals we lost to TeamOsaka, the best humanoid from 2004 to 2006. In 2004, it was only a loss of concentration in the final shoot-out that enabled the Osaka City's robot to overtake our Robo-Erectus 3-2. This year we scored 3 goals (1 was not counted because the kick was just 1 second before the time limit of 60 seconds). Up until the quarter-finals, our Robo-Erectus is the first striker that is able to score TeamOsaka's goal. Although we were knocked out by TeamOsaka in the quarter-finals, our 'little man' scored 11 goals during RoboCup 2006, which has been recognized as one of the best humanoid strikers.



Robo-Erectus vs. TeamOsaka: Goal 1
Robo-Erectus vs. TeamOsaka: Goal 2
Robo-Erectus vs. TeamOsaka: Goal 3

This time, we only brought 1 goalie which was unfortunately not fully functional during the competition. However, our goalie was able to perform some amazing goalie skills right AFTER the match with TeamOsaka.




Robo-Erectus (goalie) vs. NimbRo
Robo-Erectus (goalie) vs. TeamOsaka
Robo-Erectus (goalie testing 1)
Robo-Erectus (goalie testing 2)

In the new technical challenge of humanoid passing, only 3 Humanoid KidSize teams managed to perform passing. Our team was ranked third.

1. TeamOsaka, Japan, 5 passes
2. NimbRo, Germany, 1 pass
3. RoboErectus, SP, 1 pass

This year, we only sent 3 students and 3 robots (updated version of the humanoid robot used in RoboCup 2004).

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