Dynamic walking control based on F/T sensor

Fig.1. Robo-Erectus with F/T sensors installed in the ankles


Balancing control in soccer kicking: Humanoid robot can detect the ZMP in real time while kicking the soccer. We install a 6-axis Force/Torque sensor on the ankle of each leg. Then the zero-moment point can be calculated in real time while the robot is kicking a soccer or walking by a zero-moment point equation based on Lie group theory.


1.Force/Torque Sensor

ATI Force/Torque sensor Nano25 installed in the ankle of the humanoid robot.


Fig.2. F/T sensor Nano25 installed in the ankle       Fig.3. Force analysis of F/T sensor


2. ZMP calculation

 is zero-moment point, , , , the coefficient  equal 1 or -1 to ensure the denominator to be positive.  is the reaction force of the ground.

2.1 An example

Fig.4. The force of the supporting foot during kicking

Fig.5. The moment of the supporting foot during kicking

Fig.6. ZMP distribution on the supporting foot during a kicking motion


3. Future work

Optimal gait planning in real time and control the dynamic walking efficiently.



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