Robo-Erectus Junior (REJr) version of humanoid robots are completely fabricated and developed at Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Control Centre (ARICC) of Singapore Polytechnic.

The development of REJr-AX has gone through many stages either in the design of its mechanical structure, electronic control system and gait movement control. REJr-AX has been designed to cope with the complexity of a 2 versus 2 soccer game.

It has three processors each for vision, artificial intelligence and control. The platform is equipped with three sensors: an USB camera to capture images, a tilt sensor to detect a fall, and a compass to detect their direction.

The servomotors used send back the feedback data including angular positions, speed, voltage, and temperature.To communicate with its teammates, REJr-AX uses a wireless network connected to the artificial intelligence processor.

Robo Erectus V.S Team Osaka
            REJr is one of the foremost leading soccer playing humanoid robots            in the RoboCup Humanoid League.
  • REJr won the 2nd place in the Humanoid Walk competition at the RoboCup 2002
  • 1st place in the Humanoid Free Performance competition at the RoboCup 2003.
  • In 2004, REJr won the 2nd place in Humanoid Walk, Penalty Kick, and Free Performance.
  • The latest version of Robo-Erectus Junior is Robo-Erectus Jr AX (REJr-AX).In RoboCup 2007 humanoid junior leagues, REJr-AX finished 6th on the 2 vs 2 games, and 3rd on the technical challenge.

The vision processor performs recognition and tracking of objects of interest including ball, goal, field lines, goal post teammate and the opponents based on a blob finder based algorithm. The further processing of detected blobs, wireless communications and decision making are performed by the artificial intelligence processor which selects and implements the soccer skills (e.g. walking, ball passing, kicking, diving….) the robot is to perform. Finally, the control processor handles the low level control of motor based on the soccer skill selected by the artificial intelligence processor. It is powered by two high-current Lithiumpolymer rechargeable batteries, which are located in each foot. Each battery cell has a weight of only 110g providing 12v which means about 15 minutes of operation.

Physical Specifications of Robo-Erectus Junior – AX (REJr-AX)
1.Physical Specification
Weight Dimension Speed
Height Width Depth walking running
3.3kg 52cm 27cm 15cm 5mts/min -----
2.List of Degrees of Freedom
Joint Roll Pitch Yaw
Head   Yes Yes
Shoulder Yes Yes Yes
Elbow   Yes  
Hip Yes Yes Yes
Knee   Yes  
Ankle Yes Yes  
3.Sensors of the REJr-BX
Sensor Details
Camera 640 x 480 Resolution 30fps
Compass 1 Degree heading accuracy
Tilt 2 Dimensions
Rate Gyro +/- 300 degree/sec angular rate
4.Specifications of the Board of the REJr-BX
Features Main Processor Vision Sensor/Actuator
Processor AMD LX800 Intel Core solo Dual PIC18F8720
Speed 500 MHz 1.33 GHz 25 MHz
Memory 1 GB 1 GB 8 KB
Storage 4 GB 16 GB 25 6KB



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