The robots are developed for small league soccer robot, RoboCup competition in which two teams of five compete in a soccer game.


Dimensions (Approx.): 180mm(Diameter) and 120mm(H)

Weight (inclusive of batteries): 1750g

Omni directional wheels drive

Speed up to 2.0m/sec

Swiss precision motors with 512 ppr encoders

Battery supply voltage: 9.6 Volts NiMH rechargeable pack

                                12.0 Volts NiMH rechargeable pack  

8 RF communication channels can be selected

Solenoid kicker system

Motorised dribbler system

Recent Achievements


Field Rangers, Small Soccer Robot League, RoboCup 2001
Tsinghua University, Small Soccer Robot League, China Open Beijing 2003

RoboCup 2005 (Shoot Challenge), Osaka, Japan
RoboCup 2005 (Small League), Osaka, Japan

 Video Clips of ARRIC Small Size League Team (Field Rangers)

                       Small League Soccer Robot