Mirosot Soccer Robot
The robots are developed for FIRA Mirosot in which two teams of five or eleven robots compete in a soccer game.





  Dimensions(Approx.):70mm (L) x 70mm (W) x 65mm (H)
Weight (inclusive of batteries): 420 grams
Speed up to 3.0 m/sec
Swiss precision motors with 256 ppr encoders
Battery supply voltage: 7.2 Volts NiMH rechargeable pack
8 RF communication channels can be selected
Firewire vision system run on either a laptop or desktop
60 HZ frame rate with image size: 640 x 480
Open structure C codes for image processing and control













Recent Achievements
FIRA 2004 (Mirosot 11 vs 11), Busan, Korea 1st
FIRA 2004 (Mirosot 5 vs 5), Busan, Korea 2nd
FIRA 2005 (Mirosot 11 vs 11), Singapore 2nd


Video Clips of ARRIC Mirosot Team (SPARIC) in Action in FIRA 2004

1.  11 aside SPARIC VS. AUSTRO (6:5)


2.  5 aside SPARIC VS. DOTOMUND (9:0)