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ARICC's full-scale humanoid robot Robo-Erectus Senior was featured in CNN Live.

Robo-Erectus Kids Dancing Humanoid Robots Won Gold Medal At Singapore Robotics Games 2007.

Take a look at ARICC's edutainment robots at http://www.robo-erectus.org/edutainment/ .

ARICC’s humanoid dancing robots won Jack Neo's Creativity Mine2 TV Show.

The Minister of Science and Education of Madagascar visited ARICC on 22 September 2006.

Professor Bob Boucher, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, visited ARICC on 1st Aug 2006.

ARICC's Field Rangers beats Germany's FU Fighters 3-2 in RoboCup 2006.

Robo Erectus tied with Nimbro with a score of 5-5 in the qualifying round.

Robo Erectus scored 3 goals against Team Osaka in the quarter final of penalty kick, RoboCup 2006.


The Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Control Centre (ARICC) aspire to be a centre of excellence for R&D work in the areas of Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Control.
ARICC aims to carry out research and development work in these areas through collaborative work with prestigious local and overseas universities and institutions by embarking on consultancy projects and initiating innovative projects in Singapore.
The Centre's aims include

  • Undertaking the design, development, testing and commissioning of robots and intelligent systems for research, industry and education.
  • Promoting R&D training of technologists in the areas of robotics and intelligent systems.

Technology areas/Industry of focus: The Centre focuses on building up capabilities and expertise in areas such as humanoid robotics, service robots, educational robots, multi-agent collaboration, machine vision, real-time control, intelligent systems etc.

Our Vision

A leading R&D centre in robotics and intelligent systems that provide outstanding contributions to science and technology, advanced solutions to the industry and excellent opportunities to education.

Our Mission

The ARICC’s core purpose is to research and develop the key technologies and build up the capability and expertise in robotics and intelligent systems for the benefit of humanity.

Our ARICC Value

  • Adventure and advance in research and development;
  • Responsibility and reputation in R&D, education and industry service;
  • Innovative and intelligent solutions;
  • Care and concern for our customers, partners, staff and students;
  • Cooperation and collaboration for outstanding and excellent achievements together

The striker of Robo Erectus kicking in a goal against the goalie of Team Osaka in
RoboCup 2006.



Robo-Erectus on CNN Live!

3D Scanner System for Factory Automation and 3D Machine Vision

3D Scanner system in our ARICC centre provides industrial 3D machine vision which can be used for factory automation and mechanical 3D design. The system includes SICK IVP RANGER camera, LASIRIS laser, FANUC S-10 robot and a computer control system with data processing software.
IVP RANGER is the ultimate 3D camera for the most advanced needs. With its extreme speed, high-quality 3D data and Camera Link or Gigabit Ethernet interface, it can be used to solve almost any in-line application where true three dimensional shape is essential for success.

Each time the system makes a measurement, it measures along a cross-section of the object in front of it. The result of a measurement is a profile, containing one value for each measured point along the cross-section- for example the height of the object along its width. For the system to measure an entire object, the RANGER Camera and laser illumination must be moved so that the RANGER camera can make a series of measurements along the object. The result of such a measurement is a collection of profiles, where each profile contains the measurement of a cross-section at a certain location along the transportation direction.

Figure 1: 3D Scanner System                    Figure 2: Example of 3D Picture obtained by the system




RoboCup 2010
to be hosted in Singapore 19-25 June 2010
@ Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre


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